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For more than 100 years, Maison Henry Jullien is a unique company which reconciles innovation and tradition, know-how and passion, past and future, local and international.

The Manufacture remains located in the Jura area, birthplace of the  French eyewear industry.

It has been certified for the excellence in French craftsmanship by the EPV label, which means "Entreprise du patrimoine".

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Perfection is our playground.

In our workshops of Lons-le-Saunier in France, creative teams and master craftsmen ensure excellence in everyday life.

Symbol of quality and perfection, each frame is designed, manufactured and assembled by hand by our highly skilled craftsmen, following a very strict process.

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In the Purest eyewear craftsmanship tradition, Maison Henry Jullien controls the manufacture of its frames from A to Z.
Using the Gold filled technique, the gold is inextricably linked to the metal base, unlike the gold plating process.
The longevity of the frame is therefore incomparable.

The frames are handcrafted in our workshop by our master craftsmen, following a strict process that involves no less than 279 operations.
Mastering the weight transfer technology, our craftmen designed the perfect balance for an ultimate comfort.
Exceptional material for exceptional products.
The Goldies collection features Gold filled sunglasses 24k Gold coated sun lenses.

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The Nano Studio collection is the perfect blend of know-how and technology for light and elegant design.

Used in medical and aero industries, this unique Nanofit material has extraordinary capacities of elasticity, resilience and memory form.

This high performance material is combined with a patented Screwless hinge with friction regulation for extreme durability and safety.

The R-Block laser technology developed by Henry JULLIEN gives the glasses incredible strength and controlled flexibility for unparalleled comfort.

The rimless frames are very resistant and easy to mount. Extremely light and comfortable, the frames weights no more than 5 grams and can bear up to 20 kg in traction.

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